Chris Moore tape shows versatility, potential

Using “versatile potential” as a description sounds wrong, but Auburn signee and West Memphis standout Chris Moore is just that.

Moore isn’t versatile in the same sense that Auburn signee JT Thor is, but Moore shows an ability to do so many things at a good level and has a few rare, already polished attributes that make me think he will develop into a versatile player at Auburn.

Strength and Agility:

Moore is a strong player, but still seems like someone who can get stronger based on his frame. Moore looks like a sophomore in college based on his muscle and the strength he plays with, but he still plays with enough agility and speed to blow by bigger defenders. 

This is one of the reasons I think Moore has the potential to become a versatile player. He seems strong enough to guard bigger power forwards and quick enough to step out and defend stretch forwards and some wings on the perimeter. With the potential to get stronger and faster at Auburn, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the four star forward defend even more positions than that at Auburn.

The same goes for his offensive post game. Moore can bully smaller defenders and blow by bigger defenders. Moore’s footwork and combination of size and speed have let him master post play.

Passing and Shooting:

Moore shows confidence handling and passing and isn’t afraid to pull up for a jumper or dunk off a drive. Moore also played unselfishly at West Memphis and for Woodz Elite, allowing his vision to turn him into a good passer.

Moore’s shot and handle are still areas needing major improvement for him to reach his true potential, but Moore showing flashes of ability in these areas while already having a dominant post game shows some of his potential as a versatile player. 

Moore will need to add a reliable three point shot to become a multi-level threat, which is something I haven’t seen him do much of yet.

However, Moore is known for his footwork and precision in the post and he shows it off often. He bullies smaller defenders in the post in a way comparable to how Chuma Okeke and Isaac Okoro did in high school and college. If Moore is able to add a more reliable three point shot and handle, he could (potentially) play comfortably at multiple positions on offense and defense at Auburn.

Photo by Billy Woods

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